You create solutions. 

I’ll create interest in them.

Magazine articles, case studies, white papers and blogs are vital content-marketing assets for B2B organizations with highly technical offerings. Such resources draw customers to your website, sway readers to your views, spotlight your proficiency and deliver bottom-line impact.

But, it’s hard to find writers who can skillfully cover scientific or technical topics. At least, that’s what my clients say.

They also tell me as they’re glad they found me. I’ve specialized in writing about technical topics related to IT, green technology, the public power sector and scientific research since 2003. Unlike so many writers who dread talking with engineers or scientists, I welcome the opportunity to learn about new discoveries and technologies. It’s my favorite part of my job.

Whether I’m writing about a NASA mission in search of high-energy cosmic rays, power factor problems in electric systems or why smart cities will likely be filled with driverless cars, I make technology accessible to any reader. See for yourself by looking at the portfolio section of my website.

After I complete my first job for you, I’m betting you’ll be glad you found me, too.