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Content Marketing & PR Writer

Betsy Loeff
Betsy Loeff

After some 25 years as a professional communicator, I’m happy to say this: I’ve never met a communications task I couldn’t successfully handle. Given the very broad range of my past engagements, that’s saying something. I started my career in employee communications, but soon moved on to public relations and marketing copywriting.

As an independent consultant, I’ve practiced all three of these disciplines — PR, marketing and employee communication — for a wide array of clients. I also have successfully tackled analyst reporting and, in the realm of journalism, I write features for business and trade publications.

I enjoy a variety of projects and topics because I have a curious mind, a high IQ and a keen interest in science and technology. As a direct marketing practitioner, I’ve brought in high response and conversion rates. When focused on thought-leadership marketing, I’ve created powerful whitepapers and magazine articles that attract the right kind of attention. As a strategist, I can deliver thorough and effective communications plans.

My last boss said I was the best writer she’d ever had working for her. My favorite editor calls me a top gun.

I have two overriding goals that drive my activity in the work world: to make my clients glad that I’m there for them and to continue expanding my expertise through engagements that keep me learning.

Industry Recognition
  • National Gold Quill (top honor) from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)
  • Regional IABC Silver and Bronze Quills
  • National “Best of Show” for promotions by the Life Communicator’s Association.
  • Spectrum Award American Marketing Association-Phoenix