High Tech, Cleantech, B2B Communications
Hire an agency, you’ll get a seasoned accountmanager with some newbie writing your content. Hire Write Results, you’ll get aseasoned professional handling your work, start to finish.

Writing Services:
Writing is my bread and butter. I can produce lead-generation marketing assets such as whitepapers, bylined articles, ghostwriting, blogs, collateral and infographics, as well as hard-hitting email copy and website content.

PR & Pitch Work:
Working with colleagues who specialize in PR strategy and outreach, I can help you with media relations, social media, messaging, issues management, communications planning and more.

Video development:
I’ve written dozens of video scripts, plus I know how to get a storyboard done and where to look for production talent.

Graphic design:
I’ll bring you creative people I’ve known for years and vetted through first-hand experience.