“The electric power system is a very complex beast, and I’ve never worked with a freelance writer who understands the industry and its technology better than Betsy does. She can listen to an engineer speak for an hour … or barely at all … and invariably find those crucial nuggets of information that you need conveyed.”

Gabrielle Puccio

 Independent Media Relations and Communications Counselor

“Betsy Loeff is the consummate professional. A superb writer, she is also an articulate and savvy communicator who is an outstanding spokesperson. Her ability to grasp and convey complex ideas in easy to understand terms is very valuable in a world that depends upon simple messages via social networking as it does hard news sources. She would be a wonderful asset and advocate for any company or PR firm.”

Scott Black

Owner, TimePiece Public Relations & Marketing

“I worked with Betsy on a number of smart grid articles. She is a well-versed reporter of high-tech topics, an extremely conscientious student of the technologies she covers, and is always open to story pitches and interview opportunities. In short, Betsy is a technological aficionado who knows how to connect the dots and see the implications of technology developments that occur. I highly recommend her analytical and writing skills.”

Wei-En Tan

Founder and COO of Visla Labs

“You know that pithy conversational writing style that makes publications more interesting, fun and meaningful for readers? Betsy delivers that in spades. She is also masterful at taking complex concepts and translating them so that a broader audience, whether employees, customers or other external audiences, are able to readily understand them. I have worked with Betsy for nearly 20 years at different points in my career, and I can still be surprised by her creativity and the clarity, simplicity and down-right readability of her work.”

Jon Lentz

Director of Employee Communications – West Division at Comcast

“Betsy may be the best writer I’ve ever worked with. I know I can rely on her for copy that’s crisp and intelligent. She’s smart, creative and trustworthy – a great combo in a freelancer. Plus, she’s a whiz at understanding high-tech topics.”

Robin Caputo

Chief Marketing Officer, Datavail

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